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Contemporary eyewear, inspired by the past – Bulget’s FW23 collection

Discover the curated selection of contemporary eyewear, where timeless elegance meets modern style.

Bulget Occhiali, presents an extensive array of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames for the new season, catering to discerning individuals who value comfort, quality, and refined elegance. Tailored to men, women, teenagers, and children alike.

Bulget’s attention to detail, along with a focus on timeless shapes and distinctive hardware, results in a diverse range of eyewear essentials suitable for everyday wear. Each piece is meticulously crafted, incorporating inspiration from retro aesthetics with modern adaptations.
For AW23, the brand introduces beta titanium into the collection, catering to those with a preference for lightweight frames and an innovative aesthetic. This special addition enhances both comfort and visual appeal, demonstrating its commitment to innovation.

To keep up with the new collection drop, events, awards and so on, you can follow Bulget’Instagram or Facebook.

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